In the United States died of a gamer during a 24 hour stream playing World of Tanks

American Brian vigneault from Virginia died during a 24-hour charity marathon in World of Tanks.

Vigneault played under the nickname PoShYbRiD “Tanchiki” more than five years and often participated in the online charity marathons through the video streaming service Twitch, which usually broadcast e-sports tournaments, reports the

The aim of the marathon is to raise money for terminally ill children. After approximately 22 hours, vigneault went out for a smoke, and then did not return to the game. The moderators and the audience thought he went to sleep. However, on the same day one of the friends of the gamer saw him online in social networks and wrote him a message that went unanswered.
American Brian Vigneault

State police confirmed the death vigneault, however, about the circumstances of the death of the gamer law enforcement authorities said. The gaming community expressed their condolences on the website of gamer in social networks. The man had a wife and three children.

Note that World of Tanks is a popular online strategy, which was developed in August 2010. “Tank battle” played by millions of users around the world.

We will remind, in Ukraine is rapidly spreading dangerous play among adolescents, “Run or die”.

As told the head of Department of prevention of juvenile police of the Department region Irina karuk, risky street game, the essence of which is that on a mobile phone to shoot, as the players run across the road as close as possible to the vehicle that is moving, has found fans in some of the neighboring countries.

According to unconfirmed reports, the game “Run or die” came to Ukraine from Russia, where there have been casualties.