Realized the dream of 100-year-old Australian has celebrated birthday in the company of hundreds of women

A hundred years with hundreds of women met Australian Doug Cunningham. So fulfilled a youthful dream during the Second world war, says the story TSN.19.30.

During the war, then still an officer in the British army, among the jungles of India, he decided to encourage the soldiers and asked what they would do at home when I get back.

“And then one guy stands up and asks: “Sir, I’m sorry, but you do what you want to do when the war is over?”. I sat down and said, “Well, I hope I live to a hundred years. And invited to a party of a hundred women,” says the birthday boy.

In Britain, he never returned, remained to live in the Australian town Swans. One of the saleswomen local store once asked him how old he is. Kanem and then remembered the old joke.

“I said, “I hundred banging”. And said that hopefully, the party will come a hundred girls. And her colleagues then says, “See, we cut down as much as a hundred girls.” So it all started,” says Kanem.

Eventually almost all the women of the town and, expecting uredinia, compliments are not spared.

Kanem solemnly called the king Swans and sing, as if for the President.

No secrets of longevity, says urogenic, it does not. Only a simple motto: love life, work with your brain, see less TV. And often socialize with people.

The correspondent TSN Jan Slusarczyk