The Kyiv city Council took away the embankment of the Dnieper Ian Tabachnik

Kyiv city Council has terminated the lease contract of the land plot with the total area of 8.15 hectares on the Dnieper embankment in the area of the Bay Berkowska Darnytskyi district with TH “international creative center of Yan Tabachnik”. The decision taken at the plenary meeting 23 February.

Button “for” when clicked vote of 79 deputies of the city Council.

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On the banks of the Dnieper launched the controversial construction site Kobzon and Tabachnik

This land was leased for a period of 25 years in 2003 for construction, operation and maintenance of the elite club “Honor.” However, this decision did not take into account the conclusion of the State management of ecology and natural resources and did not meet the standards of the Water and Land code of Ukraine. According to this, the city Council in 2005 overturned a previous decision and obliged the Main administration of land resources of Kyiv city state administration to terminate the lease.

However, in 2008, deputies made the opposite decision, and the earth again loaned center Tabachnik. The draft decision on the return of the land was prepared in 2016.