To let or not? British MPs argued whether Trump to visit Queen Elizabeth

During a meeting in the Palace of Westminster between British MPs held a fierce debate as to whether to let the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump for a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II. This is stated in the plot of DW.

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The fact is that since 1952 only two U.S. President have had the honor to be invited on a state visit to the UK.

“It is an extraordinary situation, when after only seven days as President, he (trump) was invited with a full-scale visit. It’s amazing and absolutely bespretsendentnoe,” said a member of the labour party Paul Flynn.

In defense of the trump addressed the conservative Nigel Evans. According to him, 61 million people voted for Donald trump, so accusing him of racism, England is actually blames the American people.

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“And when we accuse him of racism, although I have not seen any evidence that he is a racist. Attacking him lewdly, we actually attack the American people, 61 million people,” said Evans.

Against the visit trump also made a member of the labour party Paul Sherriff.

“The expression “to grab them between the legs” means sexual violence. And that is why he (Trump) should not be allowed the visit of our Queen” – proargentina the MP.

Earlier, the Queen of Britain and 15 other independent States celebrated its sapphire anniversary. Elizabeth II became the first ever British monarch, who celebrated 65 years of his reign.