In a Chinese zoo have figured out how to get tigers to lose weight

In the Chinese zoo in the province of hay-LUN-Jiang has come up with a way to force the tigers to lose weight.

The keepers of the menagerie decided to use the drone as a trainer, said in the story TSN.Ranok.

It is noted that during the winter the Siberian tigers gained extra weight and to not lose shape over them start the copter. Thus predators are forced to run a little bit.

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In China, the circus, tied the rare Amur tiger to his saddled visitors

In turn, one of those flights the drone didn’t end as planned by the Rangers. Despite the extra pounds, one tiger had the strength to still hold on to the pesky copter.

Earlier it was reported that in a Chinese zoo Harbin city with unknown reason recovered Amur tigers. The extra weight prevents them to jump and have fun, so they just waddle from side to side. In turn, this situation of tigers has caused concern among organizations that deal with protection of nature. When Amur tigers live in the wild, they are extremely fast and retain a good shape to hunt for prey.