The SSS says the first in the last five years, the growth of the industry in the beginning of the year

In January 2017 the industry of Ukraine increased by 5.6% compared to the beginning of last year. Adjusted for the effect of calendar days is 5.2%.

Such data are cited by the State statistics service.

The Ministry of economic development and trade to specify that last “dead” for business January, the industry has grown in 2012.

“For comparison with the international community in January 2017 in Kazakhstan, industrial production grew by 4.9%, Belarus 5.9%. The January growth was 5.6% higher than projected. The main factors that influenced it, is to expand the resource base of agriculture, high investment activity, the growth of prices on world markets (especially for ferrous metals), expansion of financial opportunities for business entities (the growth of production of consumer goods). The highest growth was observed in manufacture of rubber and plastic products non-metallic mineral products due to high investment activity in the engineering industry – the diversification of markets and increase in domestic demand,” said the Ministry.

Meanwhile, metallurgy reduces the production due to the blocking of the supply of coal from the occupied Donbass. Because of this, the national Bank has warned about the possible imposition of additional restrictions on currency market.