Tramp Troll: toy in the form of a naked President of the United States set a record on Kickstarter

The author of the idea of creating dolls in the form of a naked trump, made in the style of the trolls, just a few days gathered on the site Kickstarter, more than 200 thousand dollars.

This writes Argeo.

12-inch figure of the American President is made of vinyl. In order to become the owner of figures, you must donate from $ 25. However, those who do not have at their disposal such sums has the right to expect a keepsake. So, for a donation of five dollars the project sponsor will be able to upload images doll trump-Troll, ten – card, and the like.

According to Kickstarter rules, the implementation of ideas a year, but the author promises that we will do everything possible to doll Donald trump went into production much faster – within a few months.

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