Ukraine must protect its own people, two senators urged to allocate a lethal weapon

Washington needs to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons actionsthat it defended from the joint Russian-separatist forces in Eastern Ukraine.

This was stated by the Senator-Democrat Richard Durbin and Congressman Mike Quigley, writes “Radio Freedom”.

According to Durbin, the conflict in the Donbass “has reached the point where we need to be honest.” “We must give Ukraine the tools and weapons if she needs to protect its own people,” he said.

Durbin, the second-highest Senate Democrat, a member of the judicial, fiscal and regulatory committees, also reported that previous administration of the 44th President Barack Obama did not want to give Kiev lethal aid, saying that this can lead to de-escalation of the conflict.

Now, according to the Senator, “it’s time to look at the reality.”

Quigley said that granting Ukraine weapons, lethal action is necessary because the enemy uses modern technology and the Ukrainians are “opposed to good power.”

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Recall, this is not the first request to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. Earlier, us Republican Senator John McCain asked US President Donald trump to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression and it is under control of militants in connection with the escalation of armed conflict in the Donbass.