In Australia, the doctors saved the boy from the bite of the most poisonous spider in the world

To save the child, doctors gave him 12 injections of the antidote, the Daily Telegraph reports.

It is noted that this is the largest dose of the antidote, which was used to rescue patients in Australia.

Deadly poisonous Sydney funnel web bit little Matthew Mitchell’s finger when he was helping my father clean in the barn.

Immediately after the bite, the boy began to convulse and his mouth started foaming.

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“The spider dug its paws into my finger, and I could not to tear it,” said Matthew.

The portal notes that Sydney Voronkov spiders live mainly in forests, but frequently make their way into the house and hiding among the things. It is believed that a Sydney funnel web the most dangerous in the world. In Australia recorded 13 deaths from the bites of these spiders.

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