In Kiev released administrators “groups of death”, who were medical students – media

In Kiev released the detainees on the eve of the administrators of the so-called “groups of death” in social networks.

It is reported Цензор.net with reference to sources in the national police.

It is noted that administrators suicidal groups were students of one of medical universities in the capital.

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“Was arrested two fourth-year students who are studying in the Kiev medical University. These young men explained that he had acted out of curiosity and tried to understand how the human mind and manipulate the teenagers who got in a difficult position. They gave the job their children were doing. Students do not learn at medical faculties, they are not related to “psychiatry”, – said the source.

It is reported that in the evening on the places of residence of the “curators” who tried to bring children to suicide, carried out searches and interrogations.

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Furthermore, it is known that these criminals are still not brought to suicide any victim.

“We have no injured party, therefore, we can not put one article of the criminal code. Had to release them into the wild,” – said the militiaman.

Currently in development there are dozens of curators.

“We work with those who communicate with children on the territory of Ukraine. We have no way to get to foreign curators. Most of them are located in Russia. And given our relations with this country, criminals no one will give”, – said the source.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian law enforcers detained two administrators suicidal groups in social networks. The head of the National police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev said that measures are being taken to detention and interrogation of the admins of the group “blue whales” and “pink fairies”.

Recall that the “group of death” – a community concentrated in the network Vkontakte, designed for adolescents. It begins with the fact that their administrators give team members the traumatic tasks – for example, deliberately cut his arm with a razor blade, filmed it all on video. The ultimate goal of the “game” is to bring the child to commit suicide, which she also needs to capture on camera. For the first time about “groups of death” like the Blue whale communities, Quiet house, Wake me at 4:20 talking back in may of last year in Russia.