Passion of tax police: cache-in-law, the MP, the elk and blocking the rostrum

The Verkhovna Rada failed to attempt to recover the tax police. The initiators of the restoration of this organ was the people’s deputies from Pro-presidential faction, citing the need for employees eliminated on to get paid and feed the family, says the story TSN.19:30.

MP Nina Southerner wrote in the law on taxation of inheritance two amendments that revived the tax police. Then he explained that the legacy business of the taxmen do not have a relationship – just it was the only law ready for the second reading, and it was necessary to hurry. In her speech she also mentioned about the surprise hidden inside the law. However, her opponents were wary. The deputies of “Samopomich”, “Batkivschyna” and even some of BPP blocked the rostrum. The southerner tried to break through there, but in vain. Calling the heat of the moment MP Guria elk, the politician was forced to leave. Her performance with blockers drowned by cries of “Shame!”.