SBU reported about the billions of dollars of remittances from Russia to the militants “LNR”

Funding mechanism the government of the Russian Federation the terrorist organization “LNR” exposed the employees of the security Service of Ukraine.

“SBU checks the financing of the Russian official structures of the t connection “DNR/LNR”, in the framework of a number of previously opened criminal proceedings. According to the secret service, “LC budget” for the first quarter of 2017, expects more than 11 billion rubles. Own forces, the terrorist leaders are able to collect only two of them. The remaining amount is planned in the form of receiving financial assistance from the government of the Russian Federation, and the draft budget was agreed, the so-called “people’s Rada “LC” with the relevant Russian ministries”, – reported in SBU.

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In SBU note that one of the mechanisms of filling of the budget of the terrorists elected to pocket charity “Fund to support international humanitarian projects” (the President – a citizen of Russia Vladimir I. Pashkov). The founder of the Foundation, was at the end of 2015, is Moscow’s “international settlement Bank”.

“Through the Russian non-commercial organization “Center of international payments,” the Fund invests directly in T. SV. “The state Bank “LPR”, “financiers” of terrorists covered with these revenues, the negative balance of the budget”, – is spoken in the SBU message.

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In particular, the “people’s militia LNR” has received more than 820 million roubles, “MGB LC” almost 100 million rubles, said the SBU.

It is also established that significant funds from the Russian proceeds are used by terrorist leaders to Finance propaganda work among the population in order to discredit Ukraine.

“The budget advocates T. SV. “LC” is almost 30 million rubles”, – stated in the message.