The Parliament of the Netherlands voted for the ratification of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine

A second chamber of the Dutch Parliament supported the government bill on the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

For the ratification of the Agreement voted 89 of the 150 deputies, 55 were against.

The vote was held on a special procedure: each of the deputies had to answer whether it supports the bill, then took place the counting of votes.

Deputies of the lower house of the Dutch Parliament voted for the ratification of the Agreement at the last meeting, on Friday, the House of representatives terminates in the period up to the elections that will be held on March 15. The chamber will resume its meeting in the new composition.

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In the Netherlands predicted the growth of the economy from the Association agreement EU-Ukraine

After the deputies voted for the ratification of the Agreement, the leader of the socialist party, Harry van Bommel made a proposal, which tried to oblige Ukraine to sign an additional document to the Association Agreement. Because of the votes of the faction was not, then the document is rejected.

Now the ratification of the Association Agreement must approve the upper house of the Dutch Parliament – the Senate. After that instruments of ratification will be used for the signature of the king and will go to Brussels. Now in the upper house there is a majority for ratification of the Agreement, at the spring election, its composition will not change.

The Senate plans to consider the Association Agreement after March 15, the review may take several months.

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Dutch Deputy carried with him a crowd of Russians for campaigning against the agreement EU-Ukraine – NYT

The Netherlands is the only country of the 28 EU member States, which still has not ratified the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine. Therefore the statement cannot come into force, although the economic part runs from 1 January 2016.

Last year the Dutch voted against the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU. Then the NYT reported that one of the opponents of ratification of this agreement was left of the Dutch MP Harry van Bommel, who for campaigning at various events and in the media used a group of Russian pseudo-Ukrainians.