The participants of the blockade blocked another way for the trade with the occupied Donbass

On the border with the occupied Donbass activists blocked the road near the village of Novotroitsk in Donetsk region. On Saturday, February 25, mounted the redoubt “the Nightingale”.

About it reports “the headquarters of the blockade of trade with the occupiers” in Facebook.

“The garrison of redoubt – the veterans of the battalion “Donbass”, “Aidar” volunteer movement, the OUN, UNSO and social activists. The task of the garrison of the redoubt “the Nightingale” – the overlap of the trade blood, smuggling and counterfeiting on the line Donetsk-Mariupol. This is the first redoubt on the Mariupol direction. We are working on engineering arrangement of the location and created mobile units for exploration and field paths overlap. The staff plans to continue to expand the network of redoubts blockade on the blood”, – is spoken in the message.

Recall activists have a month to block the railroad tracks. Because of this, Ukraine was left without coal from the occupied Donbass. In the country on 17 February for a month imposed a state of emergency in the energy sector. The government is afraid of the possibility of rolling blackouts and justified why in three years of war, not fully converted, thermal power plants, which can only run on anthracite coal, not found new suppliers. At the same time, along with a lock climbed up the scandal with the formula “Rotterdam+”, which affects the tariffs for electricity and according to which cheap coal from the Donbass believe, supposedly it was brought from a port in the Netherlands.