Because of the morning shelling Avdeyevka can not begin repair work

Two Ukrainian soldiers were killedand two more got wounded on the Eastern front. This data is the headquarters of the ATO for the last day, says TSN.12:00.

Fighters more than 60 times opened fire. Attacks recorded almost along the line of contact. Mortar fire on the outskirts of Mariupol, in the Luhansk direction under fire Popasnaya and grey the village Katerynivka.

From the Donetsk airport militants fired at Pisky, Avdeevka and mine Butovka. Another fire started there half an hour ago. In the Avdeevka now shaking the window from firing positions around residential areas. The nature of the shots, most likely, fired from mortars of large caliber.

To go to the forefront of ordinary civilian technology is extremely difficult – at zero temperature there is enough snow and the weather turned bad.

The mine Butovka in shelling completely collapsed mine shaft, it was a very symbolic place – there’s usually a military hung the Ukrainian flag.

In the industrial area of Avdiivka in the night one dead, another soldier was killed on another front.

In the town of Avdiivka had planned to begin work on the filtration plant, but there is information that here today the shells fell.

No cease-fire, which means there are no reasons to hope that will begin repair work to the town was by water and electricity. It is these everyday issues most concern residents of the Town.

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