Discount 60 UAH per minute for each

Press release

An unprecedented campaign offers the customers a multi-channel network “ALLO” from 2 to 5 March in the store a new revolutionary format in the shopping center “Lavina Mall”.

In the first weekend of spring with a “Hello” holds the Grand opening of the new store. First electronics shop of this network has collected so many interesting things: devices that interact with the outside world and connects to your smartphone via Internet or Bluetooth (like Smart coffee machine with network access), to the area of virtual reality of new generation, and Park a personal electric vehicle.

If you’re going to buy a new smartphone, go to the store “Hello” in the Mall “Lavina Mall” where during the opening act will be unique prices and gift promotions on smartphones favorite brands – iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nomi, Sony, One Plus and many more.

From 2 to 5 March, each visitor, in addition to purchases, are guaranteed to occupy yourself in the “Hello” with something interesting:

  • dive into the world of virtual reality Sony;
  • learn to drive with instructors in girabaldi or gyrometer Rover;
  • and children expect games with animators and entertainment on the iPad.

And the most interesting – is Sale Count – the counter discount!

60 UAH per minute, 3600 per hour hryvnia, 18 000 in 5 hours – and that’s all the discount You can get!

Every second the amount of the discount increases by 1 hryvnia, you will receive a rebate the first one to stop the counter – Sale Count by pressing the special red button – Sale Button. After one of the buyers stops the counter and get my discount, Sale Count starts counting again, but the most interesting – the counter does not stop even at night! Therefore, starting from the 2nd of March, every day promotion period will be at least ten or twelve thousand of reasons to come right up to the opening of the shopping center “Lavina Mall” at 10 am and time to reach the first to store “Hello” to click the Sale Button and get a larger discount.

The new store “Hello” is located at the address: Kyiv, Berkovetskaya str., 6D, shopping center “Lavina Mall”.

Details about the campaign can be found on the website of the company