Godfather Putin Medvedchuk said “the security threat to Ukraine from the cave nationalism”

The politician Viktor Medvedchuk said that Ukraine “raises its head primitive nationalism”.

So, he said, “the actions of the radicals represent a threat to national security”, reports the words of Medvedchuk TASS.

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“The Union of right-wing, jingoistic forces testifies that Ukraine raises his head cave nationalism”, — said Medvedchuk. He also added that “threat” is that these ultra-right forces “work for the aggravation of confrontation, division of society”.

“Radicals and extremists who call themselves patriots, do not leave attempts to take under control the situation in the country, to impose their vision of the future of Ukraine — the horror of war, devastation, massacre of undesirables and dissidents,” the politician said.

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While Medvedchuk stressed that civil society “does not accept their ideas”

“People are tired of aggression and violence, he wants peace, stability, confidence in the future, and therefore prepared to support only those political and social forces that are able to implement the peace plan and to bring Ukraine out of a protracted political and socio-economic crisis”, — expressed his opinion Medvedchuk.

We will remind, the plane politician Viktor Medvedchuk received 21 permit operations from Ukraine to Russia. In this case, from October 2015, a ban on the implementation of air traffic of the Russian airlines and aircraft with Russian registration.