Kravchuk told about the plans of Putin, the biggest mistake of Yanukovych and scenarios for Ukraine

The former President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk is convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has sought to restore the tsarist Empire, however, “it will end badly”. Kravchuk also expressed support for the actions of the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko, but not those that focused on the overthrow of power in Ukraine.

This ex-President said in the broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.


“Putin wants to restore the tsarist Empire – geographically, mentally and to become the leader of the Empire. Therefore, his ambitions go very far and very high, I think even more possibilities. If he doesn’t understand that Russia should treat neighbors with respect, if he is to get the neighbors to comply with the help of force and weapons, it will end badly”.


“And you imagine that our nuclear weapons are acts that we have done here, is here to restore it, has everything to produce nuclear weapons and put on the media. A nuclear bomb was made in Russia, Arzamas. All warheads, 165 strategic, and each carried with 5 charges, it’s 700, all aimed at the US and will expire in 1997. In 1997 it was necessary to remove the warheads and where to give? In Russia. This is a contrived Chimera, and now this speculate. The only way was to give up nuclear weapons. And the only way for mankind to stop making nuclear weapons”.

On the question of whether Ukraine to restore its nuclear potential, Kravchuk said: “firstly, impossible, and secondly, don’t”.


“I think if he became President, he did a lot for Ukraine would be useful. This man had control, and since becoming President, he lost control, and could act as it saw fit, not as dictated the laws and the Constitution.”

During Euromaidan Kravchuk was giving advice to Yanukovych, it was possible to do in the beginning of the tragic events.

“I personally advised him to take two steps: “If you don’t want wide, and the resignation of the government, do at least a narrow – offset power structures. Zakharchenko and all the environment that was directly involved in the dispersal of the Maidan.” It would be a signal for the Ukrainian people, the government has heard, and begins to act in the interests of the people, not in favor of the government. Viktor Yanukovych said that he does not hand over his. All. I think the biggest mistake of Yanukovych that he agreed and sought to become President.”


“I support the steps Savchenko, which is not focused on the overthrow of the government. Because to overthrow the government… We’ve experienced two revolutions: the victim, Heavenly hundred, only we did not worry. The space of Ukrainian culture and information is filled all the time with negative, negative and serious confrontations. We have 25 years of war in his inside, and now outside. And any action is not thought out, or calls emergency needs of the society and… Today for the first one – to come together, discuss and make joint decisions. If it is not, then Ukraine, we may lose, may start, I will say this unpopular phrase, civil war.”