“The deputies of the DPR” demanded that the Ukrainian businessmen to pay taxes to the militants

The so-called deputies of the “people’s Council DND” adopted amendments to the law “On tax system”, which obliges all entrepreneurs and companies registered in Ukraine until March 1 to sign contracts with tax agents self-proclaimed “Republic”.

About it reports the edition “Island”.

The militants explained the decision by saying that “against the backdrop of the economic blockade of Donbas in “DPR” continue to operate businesses that are registered in the Ukrainian territory and does not contribute to the budgets of the “Republic.”

It is also noted that “amended”, in the case of failure to fulfill the requirements of agreements with tax agents, businesses will be entered external administration.

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“We proposed to sign a contract with the tax agent before 31 March, but given the statement of the heads of “DNR “and “LNR” of Zakharchenko and Carpenter, identified a different period, until March 1,” said “Vice-speaker of the Parliament DND” Olga Makeeva.

Recall that the “DNR” and “FSC” threatened to introduce external management at the enterprises of Ukrainian jurisdiction, if, prior to March will not stop transport blockade of Donbass.