The national Bank trying to distance itself from the mass of rumors about the dismissal of Gontareva

The press service of the National Bank of Ukraine denies that the Chairman Valeria Gontareva is going to resign. Rumors about this have received extensive coverage in recent days.

“In response to media queries, the press service has not confirmed the information on resignation of the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva. As you know, the NBU traditionally the month reports about the upcoming changes in the composition of the Board. This message is not displayed, and hence the information is not true. Now all members of the Board work according to plan and have a tight schedule of work”, – say representatives of the NBU.

Meanwhile, the “Economic truth” with reference to the sources claims that the resignation at own will Gontareva may declare this week, March 2. It will happen only after she will find a replacement. But the final candidate is not yet approved.

Recall that the blow was replaced by Stepan Kubiv as the head of the National Bank in June 2014. Kubiv subsequently became the first Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of economic development and trade in the government of Vladimir Groisman.

The activities of the national Bank during the leadership Gontareva remember significant reforms, the massive cleanup of the market from troubled banks, and nationalization of the largest Bank in Ukraine – “PrivatBank”, which for more than two months is public property.