“Russia, no one believes.” Klimkin doubt that between the US and Russia possible “big deal”

“A big geopolitical agreement” between Washington and Moscow is hardly possible.

This was stated by Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in interview “to Mirror of week”.

“I don’t believe in the possibility of the transaction, which includes all. As Russia, no one believes” – he stressed.

According to the Minister, “big deal” goes against the logic of US interests.

“The possibility of a few deals that cover single issues, I do not exclude. Will these local agreements medium-term or situational? Perhaps then, and then. For various reasons, I am inclined to the latter. Most importantly, these deals were not at the expense of others. And the big deal is contrary, in my opinion, the whole logic of American interests,” he said.

Separately Klimkin said that he does not exclude the possibility of elements of cooperation between the United States and Russia in the fight against Islamic radicalism, as well as other issues.

“But it definitely doesn’t work either, because to overcome Islamic radicalism only through military means, must be agreed by all key players in the strategy to which all must adhere”, – he added.

Recall the American site BuzzFeed has startled the world by publishing a file on 35 pages, which stated that Russia has dirt on trump, and provides data on the relationship of trump with Russia and Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections. Thus journalists BuzzFeed noted that the document is not confirmed.

CNN, in turn, announced on Tuesday, 10 January, four representatives from the leadership of the American intelligence provided to ex-US President Barack Obama and the new President Donald Trump two-page review of the dossier, which says in particular about Russia’s intervention in the US elections and also about the dirt on trump.

However, the President of the United States Donald trump claims that none of his teammates did not conduct secret agreements with the representatives of the Russian government during the election campaign. He also tried to justify contacts ex-Advisor Michael Flynn with the Russian Ambassador to the United States.

“I didn’t have common business with Russia. Not called in Russia over the years, had conversations with the Russians,” – said the President of the United States. He also called a “gimmick” the recent publication by the American media that the people from his team were agreement with the representatives of the Russian government before the election.