The collapse Shulyavska overpass. What you need to know about serious destruction in Kiev

In Kiev 27 February, about half-past eight in the evening collapsed Shulyavska overpass, which is one of the important Metropolitan transport interchanges, resulting in surrounding streets paralyzed the tube.

Dnia gathered facts about the famous Shulyavska overpass, built half a century ago – in 1964.

Overpass length is 295 m and a width of 14 to 21 m, the capacity of the interchange is approximately 13 thousand cars per hour, which is insufficient for the area.

For a long time under Sulewski the overpass was a market of second-hand, which have occurred several times large-scale fires. The biggest was in 2007, and this greatly weakened the bridge – had to do backup.

In 2013, the overpass recognized the emergency, on its plates there were large cracks and the supports began to sink, but in the next few years unable to allocate for its repair single penny. Only in 2015, officials have begun the design work.

However, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko on the point of collapse Shulyavska overpass on the eve assured that it was not an emergency and blamed the incident Mafy.