Two other women who’ve pulled each other hair out of the Parking lot

In a Network there was video as the two women got into an argument over Parking. They were used against each other foul language, and then began grabbing each other’s hair. Reported by the Mirror.

The conflict began after one woman on the car gave out another driver. Then a blonde woman driver went to the window of the other car, showed her the middle finger and tried to open the door. When she failed, she started hitting the vehicle’s window and door, screaming, “get Out here,**but, I tell you!”

When the woman finally got out of the car, the other tried first nails to scratch her face and grabbed her hair, and she held her scarf and tried to choke.

Both women after the incident, became “stars” of social media.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Aussie had a fight with a kangaroo and posted the video on the Internet.