Near Marinka Ukrainian military clashed with fighters DRG

On Tuesday, April 4, near Marinka occurred clashes between the Ukrainian military and sabotage group of militants.

This reports the press center of staff ATO.

A group of militants came out of the uncontrolled government of the settlement trudivs’ke and attempted to approach the positions of the armed forces, but the military just discovered a hidden enemy movement.

“The brigade commander, given the direct threat to the life and health of subordinates, has decided on the use of weapons. Under pressure from fire, the enemy, taking return fire, and went”, – stated in the message.

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After further exploration of the land clashes of the Ukrainian military found the body of a fighter with weapons and ammunition.

Recall that the militants continue to violate the “silence”: from the beginning of the day there were 26 provocative shelling positions of the Ukrainian armed forces. Three Ukrainian soldiers wounded.