The introduction of a fee for the gas suspended for three months

The decision of the national Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU), on the allocation of gas prices the cost of delivery will be suspended for the next three months.

This was announced by the Chairman Dmitry NKREKU wolf, reports UNIAN.

“He (the period of suspension of the decision) will last at least three months. On Monday, the decision will be finalized. And for the heating period, there is no know-how for consumers, no load will not” – he said.

However, he added that this decision makes the price of gas more transparent for the consumer. Consequently, people will understand how to pay for gas, and how much for consumption.

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NERC will not introduce a monthly fee for gas

We will remind, the government has warned about the “split” payment for gas from April. The Cabinet plans to perform the process of splitting the cost of gas, what will happen to April 1, and will model the formula that generated the bills.

From April 1 for gas the Ukrainians have to pay twice, because the national regulatory Commission of energy in addition to tariffs for the consumed gas is introduced monthly fee – payment for the gas pipe came to your house or apartment. Moreover, NERC is called the European practice.

Changed the calculation methodology of outputs the delivery of gas to the apartment in a separate utility service, which reduces the cost of the actual gas consumed. And although the fuel is really a bit cheaper, the total cost payers for gas will grow by a third.