A piece of land under the plant, at the cost of 12 lives and an attack at the front. Exclusive to TSN

The journalists first visited reclaimed from Pro-Russian mercenaries positions, through which began the recent escalation in the ATO and the execution by fighters of Avdeevki. For a piece of land near Yasynuvata interchange gave their lives 12 Ukrainian heroes, says the story TSN.19:30.

Now a small parcel of land soldiers ready to defend to the last bullet for the sake of memory sister. The military repelled the position of the separatists. “It was their dugouts and firing points”, – said the fighter Andrew Skygazer. Get in the trenches in response to the attack of the saboteurs decided commander Andrew Kisela. “I led the assault group, and we took over these trenches and reported that this Pro-Russian position is already ours. We first cleared out those positions, and there were bunkers where they slept. Separated a few meters”, – said the Skygazer.