Simpatika Putin Fillon ospedali flour

Presidential candidates françois Fillon, who called a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, sprinkled with flour at a campaign event.

It is reported BFM TV.

It jumped a man in a t-shirt that says “students for a visit” and poured out of the package flour covered face and costume policy.

The guards immediately arrested the assailant.

In response to “flour attack” Fillon complained that has become a target of unprecedented persecution.

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Election of the President of France will be held in April-may 2017. The latest polls show that independent candidate Emmanuel macron to win the far-right candidate marine Le Pen in the second round. According to the survey, the Makron will support 61 percent of the vote and Le Pen – 39%.

However, the leader of the party “national front” would win in the first round with 27% of votes. For Macron, according to the poll, to vote 25% of the electorate. The former leader of the race conservative Francois Fillon will receive 19% of the vote.