Ukrainian dog-guards have passed a rigorous audition before the “Eurovision”

Dog training centre near Kiev has selected the best of sniffer dogs from all over Ukraine, which will be used for security during the arrival of the guests of “Eurovision” to the capital. Dogs trained on search of explosives and forbidden to bark loudly, so as not to undermine the sound of stun grenades, it said in the stories TSN.19:30.

The bomb dogs sniff out explosives and weapons, and sit or lie down. In such signs, the dog understands, is there anything wrong with the person checked or not.

Encourage animals their favorite toys, feed dry food premium or, if capricious, porridge from special dog chef. The main rock of the Ukrainian four-legged searchers weapons – German shepherd. The Cocker who know how to look for the bodies, and trained drug dogs working on “the Eurovision” will not attract.

The TSN correspondent Natalia Goncharova