Diplomats of the Russian Federation, who denied drunk driving, ordered a drink before the trip

Kyiv patrol stopped a car with Russian diplomatic plates, at the wheel which was the driver showing signs of intoxication. As it turned out, is representative of the border service of the FSB. TSN managed to figure out what actually were treated the Russians in a luxury restaurant.

At five o’clock from expensive restaurant in the center of Kiev drove a luxury BMW sedan with diplomatic plates. A few hundred meters, he was stopped by the patrol, as the police asked passers-by and said that driving drunk.

It turned out that driving is the representative of the border service of the FSB, Ruslan Trebunskiy. Passengers – officer on security matters of the Embassy of Russia Valery Korshunov, an official representative of the foreign intelligence service of Russia Vladimir Nebyvaev. Diplomats do not come out of the car before the arrival of the representative of the Consulate. Together they listened to the patrol. Initially told that I do not understand Ukrainian.

“The sharp smell of alcohol from the mouth, redness of the skin, trembling of the hands,” – so described the state patrol on the spot.

After clarification from the cops men trying to convince the police that Trebunskiy, who was driving, just couldn’t drink alcohol, because now the post, and in the day of the event was palm Sunday. To pass a test for intoxication, the diplomat refused.

“We have clear instructions not to undergo a medical examination. A provocation, pure and simple. Look at our faces, some of us seen that the mi drunk” – said the Russian spy.

TSN decided to find out whether Russian diplomats do not drink vodka. In a restaurant just confirmed that alcohol is still drinking.

“This is not our constant guests. They drank three glasses of wine,” he said.


Afternoon edition of TSN got a check from the same restaurant for six people. In addition to eating more than four thousand hryvnia, do three glasses of wine and six shots of vodka. The Embassy of the Russian Federation refused to comment.



Last summer Trebunskiy Ruslan was detained in Kiev for a traffic violation. Then the license plates on the car of the diplomat was not answered registration. Because of the immunity of a diplomat patrol only made a report. This time the immunity is once again prevented.

“According to the Convention, this vehicle belongs to the Russian Federation, and we had no right to carry out the evacuation,” – said the policeman.

The Protocol on administrative offence, the police handed over to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Correspondents TSN Anton Strashko and Sergey Galchenko