The presidential administration has requested access to the register of VAT refunds

Administration of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has asked the acting head of the State fiscal service to provide access to the electronic registry the reimbursement of value added tax (VAT).

This is stated in the letter from the Deputy head of the AP Dmytro Shymkiv to the post, which was received by e-mail to TSN.ia.

According to Shymkiv, 31 March took place the meeting of the National Council Reforms, which raised the issue of VAT refunds, as well as the launch of the electronic register of VAT refunds.

“In preparation for the meeting it became clear that not always possible to obtain reliable and current information concerning the administration of the tax and the amount of abuse that take place”, – said the Deputy head of AP.

In the end, Poroshenko instructed the office of the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) to explore these issues and to consider during one of the next meetings.

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Pre-professional analysis of the public register of applications for refund of VAT made it possible to see that there are still risks of possible abuse. In particular, the failure to order the inclusion of statements about the VAT refund, change of date of the conclusion of the territorial body GFS of reparation, the violation of the terms of agreement of the amounts of VAT refunds and so on.

“That’s why the job of the Council and the national security Council to conduct a deeper analysis in cooperation of the Situational center of President Administration and the SFS (according to the existing agreements on information cooperation) was agreed in the beginning of the analytical work by providing access to data in the data read mode. Our challenge is to offer analytical tools that allow to process big data GFS identify patterns of abuse and manipulation. The proposed model makes it impossible to make any changes to the database of the SFS from the Administration of the President of Ukraine”, – the statement says Shymkiv.

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The AP noted that the analysis is on a separate analytic server where the data is copied from the primary server, GFS, reverse reproduction impossible. Also shymkiv emphasizes that access to the database is performed in the data read mode .

The results of the analysis should be presented during the next meetings of the national security Council and the National Council of Reforms.

We will remind, on April 1 the Ministry of Finance has launched an electronic register of VAT refunds. currently, the filling of the registry information. The registry will be available on the first business day of April, namely, on Monday, 3 numbers.

The launch of the transparent VAT registry, according to danyluk, will be an intermediate option with respect to the referral of the Ministry of Finance GFS database, designed to eliminate the problems with the manipulation of tax data. He also stressed that only one transparent register of VAT is implemented in accordance with these approaches would solve 60% of problems with the manipulation of data. The Minister also stressed that in the future his Department plans to complete the job and to reassign all of the database of fiscal service.