Activists uncovered a scheme of financing, “Gazprom” of destabilization in Ukraine for $ 2 million a year

Russian “Gazprom” annually on the implementation of subversive activities in Ukraine, gives $ 2 million non-profit organization “Institute of the CIS countries”, which Director is the Deputy of the “Duma” of the Russian Federation from “an United Russia” Konstantin Zatulin.

Activists found out, after analyzing the dump files and documents that allegedly belong to the “Institute of CIS countries” and that they gave the hackers of the Ukrainian CyberLink. The investigation published on the website of the volunteer project InformNapalm.

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Zatulin is one of the most active ideologists of the “Russian world” and its main focus of work is the management of “the Institute of CIS countries”. Since 1996, the organization promotes the interests of Russia abroad through the use of “soft power.”

And in accordance with the documents received at the disposal of activists, “the Institute of the CIS” exists at the expense of “Gazprom”, promoting “the interests of Russia” in Ukraine including.

We are talking about an act of acceptance to contract № GGE-10/12-2015 10 Dec 2015 between “Gazprom export” (General Director E. V. Burmistrova) and Autonomous non-commercial organization “Institute of the CIS countries”.

Konstantin Zatulin

From this agreement it follows that the structure Zatulin provided “information and analytical services”. Range of “services” covered all events organized by this Institute, writing “policy briefs” on, it would seem, quite distant from the “Gazprom” topic, namely:

  • The implementation of the Minsk agreements
  • Ukraine’s relations with its neighbors
  • The national question in Ukraine: strengthening of the national minorities
  • Economic relations of Ukraine and Crimea
  • “DNR” and “LC”: prospects of development

For the money of “Gazprom” employees Zatulin explored the following questions:

  • The federalization of Ukraine: problems and prospects
  • Humanitarian policy in Ukraine: problems and prospects
  • Interregional cooperation of Russia and Ukraine
  • The religious situation in Ukraine
  • The language situation in Ukraine
  • Russian-American relations in the Ukrainian crisis.
  • Federalization of Ukraine is inevitable
  • Whether Poroshenko Ukraine’s Constitution?
  • The Ukrainian government has trampled on the Constitution
  • Poroshenko can outsmart yourself
  • Police mission of the OSCE: another lie Poroshenko
  • Ukrainian refugees in Germany and Poland

Part of the funds went to the website’s “Institute” of “” where published analyses. The staff of the “Institute” participated and organized various conferences on Ukraine and countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization. In addition, Gazprom financed the branch “Institute of the CIS countries” in Kiev.

Year of the existence of such anti-Ukrainian analytical center cost “Gazprom” to 126 million rubles, activists considered. It’s almost 2 million dollars a year.

See below to view the document.

The act of acceptance from tsnua

Volunteers suggested that perhaps it was only the initiative of OOO “Gazprom export”, which is the parent company. However, there is a document that indicates that to adopt the budget for 2017-the year Zatulin, on official letterhead requests directly from the Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Miller, to which he simply writes, “Burmistrova Do”.

Also note that the budget for the year has increased to 134 million roubles, — Zatulin has decided to consider the official inflation rate of 6.42%.


By the way, Zatulin shall consult with the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation on public projects P. S. Zenkovich about questions of realization of the project “the Latest people’s history of the Crimea”. Zenkovich is supposed to help solve the problems with grandadam — society “Knowledge”.

Perhaps the “Institute” Zatulin did not pass in time the project and he is required to return the balance of the estimated 600 thousand rubles, although it made the main part of the project at 4.4 million rubles. It turns out that the amount we are talking about the grant for 2016 year 5 million rubles from the society “Knowledge”. It was found allegedly a message about winning the grant competition in July 2015.


In addition to the analytical center, Zatulin has another project. It provides for the maintenance program on TVC channel “Russian question”. Volunteers note that this is a weak copy of Kiselyov and Solovyov, but which is funded by Gazprom: 20 issues of this transmission in the year cost 5 million rubles.

It is also interesting that the “journalists” of this transfer, according to the resource are employees of press centre “Institute of CIS countries,” Zatulin.

With the alleged documents Zatulin, it follows that officially, this “office” is OOO “Russian question”, which the TVC has signed a contract for the production of one program over 700 thousand rubles (previously — 800 thousand rubles).

However, it seems strange that at the same time TVC sells the rights to broadcast this transmission to regional channels for a penny. For example, the Sevastopol company “NTS” bought every issue of this program for 5000 rubles.


Therefore, “Gazprom” gives millions of rubles on the issue of outreach programs, commercial channel TVC pays more on top of about a million rubles for one issue, to give rights to broadcast “for nothing.” Therefore, investigators suggested that “Gazprom” and To the need to transmit the type of the “Russian question” out at any cost.