Akhmetov and Poroshenko significantly poorer in 2016. The rating of the richest Ukrainians

The magazine “Focus” compiled a ranking of the 100 richest people in Ukraine by the end of 2016.

Still the backbone of the country’s richest men are businessmen working in the commodities business. And retailers and developers opened only redistribute commodities business in the country profit. It is this key difference between the portrait of the 100 richest people of Ukraine of the 100 richest people in the world, where the ball is ruled by IT, the owners of global brands and investors. The publication notes that perhaps the owners of Ukrainian outsourcing companies, and would have entered the hundred richest people in the country, but the specificity of domestic IT-business – registration of employees as Popov is not possible to correctly assess the market value of the Ukrainian IT-companies.

Once again topped the list of the owner of SCM group Rinat Akhmetov, whose fortune amounted to $ 2.2 billion Next position is also not changed, as a year ago, the second, third and fourth places are occupied by: the co-owners of Privat group Ihor Kolomoisky ( $ 1.2 billion) and Gennadiy Bogolyubov (us$ 1.2 billion) and owner of EastOne Victor Pinchuk ($ 1.1 billion), respectively.

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On the fifth place from the 10th rose is the owner of “kernel” Andrew Verevskiy ($ 871 million), and the owner of “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Yuri Kosyuk ($ 738 million) ranked sixth.

On the seventh place fell (was on the 6th) the owner of DCH Group Alexander Yaroslavsky ($ 734 million), and on the eighth 18 th rose, the owner of Ferrexpo Konstantin Zhevago ($ 635 million).

Ninth place is still the owner of Group DF Dmitry Firtash ($ 623 million) and closed the top ten (last year it was ranked 12th), the President of Ukraine and the owner of Roshen, Petro Poroshenko ($ 589 million).

The publication notes that in 2016, the state of the four Ukrainian billionaires decreased. The richest man in the country , Rinat Akhmetov for a year “lost” about $ 900 million from the Oligarch lost key assets in the occupied territories – the steelworks and mines, producing coking coal and anthracite.

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In turn, the group “Privat” has lost its financial asset – PrivatBank. However, the reduction of rent rates on oil production and the increase in retail sales share of domestic fuel that is produced on controlled by Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov of the Kremenchug refinery, almost compensated for businessmen from the Dnieper loss insider encumbered by Bank loans. As a result, total state Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov decreased by only $ 400 million.

As for the owner of EastOne Group Victor Pinchuk – to stay afloat, he helped state agencies – the country’s largest gas producer in the company significantly increased its investment in the modernization of the wells, which allowed the oligarch to increase the production of pipes. A “Ukrzaliznytsya” has started modernization of the rolling stock, whereby the plants Pinchuk increase the production of wheel pairs. Although Pinchuk fully recovered from the loss of the Russian market, but last year he lost only $ 200 million.

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Meanwhile, grain prices are rising in the world, and the Ukrainian black earth has become the most attractive resource of the country. So, the owner of the company “kernel” Andrew Verevskiy for the year increased as more than $ 200 million For the year listed on the Warsaw stock exchange “Kernel” has increased in price almost twice, resulting in the capitalization of the asset exceeded $ 1.5 billion last year, capital has grown and the majority of landlords in the country.

Last year the Agroholding Yury Kosyuk “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” (MHP) managed to get out of losses. If in 2015, MHP received a $ 113 million loss, in 2016, could reach a net profit of $ 69 million Also in March it became known that Kosyuk managed to sell over $ 78 million of its assets in occupied Crimea: the Crimean fruit company, meat processing plant “Druzhba Narodov” and poultry farm “Druzhba Narodov Nova”. Who was the buyer, Kostyuk says. However, he had already said the transaction is not sale, and “weaning”.

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Alexander Yaroslavsky regained control of Kharkiv tractor plant (KHTZ), which was owned until 2007. About buying HTZ from the structures associated with the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, Kharkiv businessman announced in April 2016. However, the AMC was allowed to carry out the transaction only at the end of January 2017.

New participants of the rating were: co-owner of inter TV channel Valeriy Khoroshkovsky (20-e a place, 356 mn), Chairman of the Board of Directors MCG Pavel Fuks (24, 270 million), owner and President of group of companies “Prometheus” Raphael Goroyan (65, 90 million), co-owner of Imeksbank Leonid Klimov (71, 75 million), who led the “Formula smaku” Alexander Tabalov (74, 70 million), co-owner of “Kalinov region” Gennady Bobov (75th 69 million), the largest shareholder of Novokramatorsk machine-building plant Georgi scuderi (79, 63 million), the head and co-owner Krylovskogo car building plant Vladimir Prikhodko (83, 62 million).

Also the newcomers of the rating were: former co-owner of Skymall shopping center Andrei Adamovskiy, the owner of the company “Biosphere” Andrey Zdesenko, President of the group “Kovalska” Alexander Pilipenko, the head of “Atoll Holding” Oleg Boyar, co-owners Nemiroff Yakov Gribov and Anatoly Kipish, founder of the group “Agrospetsservis” Sergey Tarasov, head of the LNZ Group Dmitry Kravchenko, head of the “Rud” Petro Rud.