NABU told about Martynenko attempt to avoid responsibility

The National anti-corruption Bureau, I insist on the legality of the petition investigators about the arrest eks-the Deputy Nikolay Martynenko.

This was reported in the NAB, reports DT.UA.

In particular, the NEB has provided information about the actions and movements Martynenko on the eve of the planned detectives searches in the investigation of the case of the procurement of vostokom of uranium concentrate through the Austrian firm a-gasket.

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It is noted that the document contained step-by-step actions Martynenko the day before and the day of the announcement he suspected, which indicate the intentions of ex-MP to avoid responsibility.

“Waiting for the searches on the morning of Thursday, April 20, the night before, left the place of permanent residence and provided his family members instructions to do the same,” – said in the message.

Also Martynenko announced close of the list of names and cars, for which searches are planned and pointed out places that, in his opinion, are safe and organized work under his control individuals, aimed at the concealment of objects and documents that could be relevant to criminal proceedings”.

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In the NAB added that at the direction Martynenko, his entourage moved on to a conspiratorial way of communicating”. The ex-Deputy turned off his phone and was in contact with the environment through other means of communication.

On the night of April 19. stayed out all night, and the next day the detectives NAB stated that the ex-member was in the reception of MP Denis Jezersko. Detectives Bureau tried to contact Martynenko using the telephone receiving Jezersko, but the Secretary, “hearing the name and position of the source” refused to associate the detective with Martynenko, saying that he would call back but he never called back.

Subsequently, realizing that the detectives NAB has established his place of residence, Martynenko for six hours hiding in the waiting room Jezersko and only after lengthy negotiations with the detectives convinced him to come out.

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NABU claim that all of the above suggests that “Martynenko in advance, measures were taken aimed at obtaining information about the plans for further investigation, tactics and methods of investigation, and this information is used to develop a plan of avoiding criminal responsibility and fleeing from the places of possible investigative actions”.

For such actions the detectives NAB, according to article 208 criminal procedure code of Ukraine, decided to arrest Martynenko in order to eliminate the possibility of further avoiding responsibility and making the escape attempt.

Note that today, April 22, Solomensky court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint for ex-the Deputy Nikolay Martynenko. “To deny the petition, apply to Mykola Martynenko, the measure of restraint in the form of a personal bail of people’s deputies and Ministers”, — the judge read out the decision and announced a list of the names of the MPs.

We will remind, on April 20, detectives NABOO and SAP prosecutors arrested two people —former Deputy Mykola Martynenko and his accomplice on suspicion of forming a criminal organization and of misappropriation and embezzlement of property per SE “VostGOK” damages in the amount of 17.28 million dollars. The detainee it is reported about suspicion. Now the issue of election of a measure of restraint.