Scandals in the negotiations and #FreeMelania. The blunders of the administration of the tramp for the first 100 days in office

During the first 100 days of the reign of Donald trump in the media repeatedly laughed because of the behavior of the leader, officials from his entourage and even the first lady Melania.

Dnia made a selection of the funniest incidents of the new American government.


To Donald Trump and his family were chained a lot of attention before and during the inauguration. Users have laughed at the many awkward moments during the event.

First, people are astounded by the cost of the event – inauguration of the 45th President was the most expensive in history. Users also laughed and trump’s tie, which was too long, and because of the rapid change of expression Melania trump. During the speech the head of state returned to the first lady, she smiled at him in response, however, after her husband was again face to the public, Melania became sad.

— Marv (@Marv_Vien) January 23, 2017

All drew attention to the youngest son of Donald and Melania trump Barron of who behaved inappropriately and did not want to give his mother’s hand.

In addition, social networking users potrollit face expression of Michelle Obama, who received the gift on the steps of the White house from Melania didn’t know where to put it, so it does not interfere during a joint photo. And before that Donald trump went to greet the spouses Obama, forgetting about his wife, who had alone get out of the car and walk the steps to the Barack and Michelle.

Recall that the world’s media wrote about the cake at the inaugural ball Donald trump, which was very similar to the inaugural cake for the forty-fourth US President, Barack Obama. And in his inaugural address, users found the similarities with the speech of the supervillain Bane from the comics of Batman.

It is worth remembering that the first day trump has sent its speaker Sean Spicer to present his version of events at the inauguration. He was threatening media that will follow them and will be held accountable for mistakes. In addition, using data on the number of passengers in the subway of Washington, he wanted to prove that the inauguration was the biggest event “of all time”. However, these figures were incorrect, wrote the newspaper Der Spiegel.

In the end, Donald trump officially announced the day of the inauguration a National day of patriotism.


One of the first mistakes of the new U.S. President began his speech at the CIA, where he went to offer friendship on the first day of his reign.

It was reported that the trump for fifteen minutes talking about the legendary Wall of Remembrance on which are carved the names of the dead agents. However, he focused not on the characters and on himself and his successful inauguration. The CIA, many employees were shocked by the callous behavior of the President.

Especially the speech angered the former head of the CIA John Brennan, who resigned shortly before the inauguration of the trump. He called the President of the void and said that he should be ashamed.



After the inauguration of Donald trump’s social media users not a little worried because the first lady Malanka trump, who during the whole ceremony trying to “put a smile on the face”, and when he was alone, obviously bored. Therefore, in a Network there was a special hashtag #FreeMelania, which means “free heart of Eaux-Vives”.

In General, the behavior of the spouses during the event was strange, and their dance is very clumsy. Users have compared the spouses of Trumps with Obama, and women during a March against trump held placards reading “Free the heart of Eaux-Vives”.

Note, experts in body language then explained the reasons, what’s wrong with spouses trump. Read about it on the link.



In the world the conversations were conducted and around interrupted by a phone call from Donald trump, Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull. The conversation lasted for 25 minutes instead of the planned hour. It was reported that the US President angered the negotiation of the agreement between Australia and the United States, concluded under the Obama administration.

But during a telephone dialogue trump with the President of Mexico, Enrique peña Nieto, the White house allegedly hinted at a willingness to enter into this country of American troops, if local security forces are unable to cope with drug cartels that are bugged and the United States.



White house senior adviser Killian Conway made some noise once in the oval office she was sitting on her knees on the couch, at home, photographed by trump and his guests and then watched a photo on his smartphone during a meeting of the President with leaders of black colleges and universities. Conway was accused of contempt because of the unchained behaviour.

In the end, though, Conway explained that he had climbed on the sofa for a good shot. “There was no place to be. Journalists asked me to take some pictures and send them. I did. I needed the best angle of view,” she pleaded.


Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer denounced the Union of Russia with the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, comparing the past with Adolf Hitler. So, Spicer said that even the leader of Nazi Germany did not use chemical weapons against its population, accusing Assad of applying a chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun, in which hundreds of people were killed and injured.

Later Spicer wanted to explain my comment, however it did not save him from criticism of Internet users and opinion leaders.

“In no way want to detract from the horrible nature of the Holocaust,” he said. “I tried to distinguish the tactic of using aircraft to prevent chemical attack on settlements. Any attack on innocent people need to condemn and not forgive,” said Spicer.

However, the US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley has called his comments “unfortunate.” The Chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic party That Peres has called Spicer to apologize for his comments. Daughter of the couple Clintons – Chelsea – advised the speaker of the tramp to visit the Holocaust Museum, which is located a few blocks from the White house.

In addition, Spicer also incorrectly said the name of the Syrian leader during one of his speeches. He called the President “Bass al Ashar” instead of “Bashar Assad”.

Narrow escape for Bashar al-Assad here. U. S. is after Basa al-Ashar.

— Harald Doornbos (@HaraldDoornbos) April 10, 2017


In the celebration of Easter at the White house the child is asked trump to sign his hat. The us leader agreed, took the pen and cap, but left her in the middle of the crowd. Then the President undertook to sign a new cap with his election slogan. After that, he threw the thing into the crowd.

Behavior trump was not clear to the users.

A kid asks Trump to sign his hat at the White House Easter Egg Roll. The president signs … and then tosses the hat into the crowd.

— POLITICO (@politico) April 17, 2017

In addition, during the Easter ceremony in the White house, President trump forgot to put hand on heart, when they began to sing a hymn. Melania was forced to push him, and trump did the right thing.

Melania appears to subtly nudge Trump during the national anthem, reminding him to lift his hand

— CNN (@CNN) April 17, 2017


About how Donald trump weird shaking hands, is legendary. So, his strange manner was noticed first during meeting with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

In addition, during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in early April, Donald trump refused to shake her hand during a joint press photographs.

“I had an excellent meeting with Chancellor Merkel. I shook her hand about five times, then we sat on two chairs. I guess the reporter said to shake her hand, but I have not heard,” was justified, in turn, trump.

Read more about awkward handshakes trump’s the link.

An honor to host Prime Minister @AbeShinzo in the United States.

President Trump (@POTUS) February 10, 2017

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