At the JCCC believe in targeted attacks by fighters of settlements and civilians

Donbas militants deliberately fired at settlements and civilians, violating not only the Minsk agreements, but also international humanitarian law.

This was stated by the Ukrainian side of the Joint center for control and coordination, – have informed in the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian side of the JCCC States that illegal armed groups OGLO in addition, that is constantly neglected by all the Minsk agreements using the forbidden weapons positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as on important infrastructure, they deliberately open fire at settlements and civilians, thereby violating International humanitarian law”, – stated in the message.

Recall that the militants carried out the shelling of the village of Maryinka, a heavy machine gun, which shot and wounded the citizen of Ukraine. During the inspection in the hospital was discovered the bullet caliber 12.7 mm.

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“Such actions of illegal armed groups ORDO indicate a gross and deliberate violation of International humanitarian law, namely paragraph about the prohibition to make the civilian population, its individual members or civilian objects the objectives of the strikes”, – summed up in JCCC.