SBU is ready to assist in a murder investigation Sheremet

The security service of Ukraine is ready to provide any assistance in the investigation of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet and open to dialogue with the public.

About it reports a press-Department service.

But the Ministry recalled that the investigation of the crime by jurisdiction are investigators of the National police of Ukraine.

The SBU procedure the decision on behalf of the investigators of the security organs to carry out pre-trial investigation into the murder Sheremet has not been received. Also in the message is informed that the units of the SBU carried out the instructions of the investigators in the investigation of the murder of a journalist.

“In particular, with the appropriate procedural design, on behalf of the investigators received four rigid media with recordings of the surveillance cameras, located in one of the houses on the street of Ivan Franko in Kiev. In its original form, without changes in the configuration and volume of materials they handed over to the investigator”, – specified in SBU.

Any other material information media, which may contain actual data of importance in the case, employees of the security Service of Ukraine didn’t withdraw.

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10 may in the Network appeared the film investigates the murder of the journalist “the Ukrainian truth” Pavel Sheremet. On the creation ribbon worked journalists of the project “Classtwo.Info” and the international network of OCCRP.

During the investigation it turned out that the night before the murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet in front of his house was spotted by former or current employees of the SBU. He was recorded by surveillance cameras. He was present near the house of Sheremet at least a few hours – and on this night under the car of a journalist laid the explosives. The reporters found that the man’s name is Igor Ustimenko. As of 2014 he was a member of the security Service of Ukraine.

Pavel Sheremet was killed in the center of Kiev 20 Jul 2016. The journalist was buried in Minsk. According to investigators, the attackers attached explosives to the underside of the car, at the wheel which was Sheremet. While the crime remains unsolved. In this regard, Human Rights Watch stated concern about the lack of results in the investigation of the murder of journalist and restriction of media freedom in Ukraine.

In February, law enforcement authorities reported about the investigation of the murder Sheremet. In particular, it was reported that the murder of a prominent Belarusian journalist , the attackers used anti-personnel mine mon-50. The investigation identified the priority version of the crime. In addition, the police noticed that during the investigation, was questioned 1,800 people, including more than 300 direct witnesses of the explosion, residents of homes in the area of the explosion.