From the standpoint of “DNR” near Mariupol has left the Chechens

Two-thirds of the attacks of the previous era occurred in Primorsk the area of the front of the ATO. Intelligence has witnessed the emergence of new enemy troops in the occupied Sahanka, Pikuah and October, says the story TSN.19:30.

The Marines say they fired mortars and small arms. In the area of Shirokino was hit with artillery – were at least 50 shells. “Even the head can not raise”, – complain the military.

Near the sea of Azov, the military said that from the positions of the opposite left the Chechens. And the newcomers who stopped by, itching to shoot. With fresh forces of the rebels began to fortify their positions. Ukrainian soldiers trying to prevent it, but are forced to act with pinpoint accuracy, because it does not exclude that to dig trenches invaders forced the Ukrainian prisoners. Such was the case last year, when people with shovels Ukrainian contemporary field of military uniforms Marines have seen in optics.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Motor