Abnormal frosts and snow destroyed the next harvest of fruits and berries – prices soar at twice

Abnormal spring frost destroyed the entire future of the Ukrainian harvest of fruits and berries.

The greatest losses inflicted weather in Cherkasy and Mykolaiv regions. In these regions suffered almost 100% color on the apples and pears. It is reported by Association “Ukrsudprom,” reads the plot of the program “snidanok z “1+1”. In Chernivtsi region destroyed up to 85% of stone fruit. But in Khmelnytskyi – 60% of the crop currant.

Also, in several regions, particularly in Central Ukraine, farmers are left without crops and potatoes.

Experts believe that the prices of fruits and vegetables that have suffered from spring frosts, will jump twice. In addition, to import such a product is unlikely, because of the cold spring hurt the fruit and vegetables in the other countries of Europe.