The owner of “BF Grupp” Grant accused Leshchenko in cooperation with scammers


The text of the letter posted on the official website of the company “BF Group” in Facebook.

“Mr. Leshchenko, let me tell you, that you somehow rapidly examined during the ordinary parliamentary reception the whole point of the fitness club “Sofia” and his owner Irina Ryabchenko. Cause that courts have considered more than five months,” said Grant, commenting on the publication Leshchenko.

The head of “BF Group” stressed that Leschenko does not even tried to contact representatives of the company and to understand the situation, and just started to sling mud. “You have changed a justice and swiftly made my company, and at the same time and the party “people’s front”conviction. But you do not get used, you every day slandering not only the coalition partners but also on the party with which you entered the Parliament”, – said the businessman.

In an address to Leshchenko, the owner of “BF Group” gives the facts proving that his company successfully and legally developing its business, than can not boast taken custody Deputy Ryabchenko.

“In 2008. The beginning of activity of BF. The company partners invests in the construction of warehouses. Built about one hundred thousand square meters, invested hundreds of million. Square subsequently sold the main partner and are still working. At this time, Ms. Ryabchenko takes credit 15 mendall and 5 million UAH”, – writes Grants.

“The year 2010. “BF Grupp” attracts new investment in the country and thus becomes partner with the world leader trade company Heinemann. You’re the first to shout about attracting investment? I draw on business and investing, you are your statements kill that desire. At this time the swindler Ryabchenko manages the club “Sofia” – said in an open letter.

As a result, according to Granz, to date, “BF Grupp” 670 people, with an average of 27 thousand UAH per month, while the club “Sofia” 60 members of staff with wages of 3.5 thousand UAH. Among other comparisons, the businessman leads the payments on the lease: “BF Grupp” over the past 3.5 years has paid about UAH 800 million (18 million per month). “Fraudsters Ryabchenko rent 283 thousand UAH per month in the center of Kiev, and then pays itself,” writes the owner of the company.

Grant noted that “BF Group” in partnership with our German colleagues has invested in the shops of the airport “Borispol” more than 15 million Euro, offering passengers world-class service, then the prestigious British magazine Sky trax included “Borispol” in the top three airports in Europe. The owner of the company added that this became possible thanks to the efforts of Maxim Bourbaki of the “popular front”.

“And most importantly, where the country lives, – taxes. Group of companies BF paid on 1 January 2017, about 350 mlngrn. Fraudsters have Ryabchenko, believe me, zero. Last year alone, her company showed a 9 million loss. And the cherry on the cake, using your terminology, “BF Grupp” has never been and there is no loan in the Ukrainian nor in any other Bank. Fraud Ryabchenko stole $ 15 million depositors. Such fraudsters as it is not returning the loans killing banks. Investors I recommend to go and claim your money with such as Ryabchenko,” – said Grant in an open letter to Leshchenko.

“To all the above, I want to add one thing: I don’t need your apology, I spit on them. And second, you, Mr. Leshchenko, a political prostitute or a prostitute, as you get closer. Draw your own conclusions, what kind of people to take in a foster with the inscription “the people’s Deputy of Ukraine”, – said the owner of “BF Grupp”.