Tank guns near Trinity and shelling front-line cities. Digest ATO

For the past day the militants 85 times opened fire on positions of armed forces of Ukraine, shelling residential quarters of frontline settlements. In the fighting over the past day, 8 soldiers of the ATO forces were injured. This is stated in the summary of the press center of staff ATO.

In the seaside area of fighters of 25 times used the weapon, most commonly near the village of Chermalyk, where they were repeatedly beaten on the positions of ATO forces with mortars 120mm and once from jet systems of volley fire. Also under enemy shelling hit Ukrainian fortifications near the Water, Shirokino, Hnutove, Taramchuk, Pavlopol, Novotroitsk and Marinka. There the enemy mostly used small arms, grenade launchers, in some areas – 82-mm mortars and weapons BMP.

In the direction of Donetsk, illegal armed groups 28 times opened fire on strong points of the armed forces of Ukraine. The geography of enemy attacks remains the same: in the area of Avdeevka, Heaters, Verhneuralskogo, Novgorod, Zaytsevy, Novoluganskogo and Trinity. The enemy is actively used small arms, rocket-propelled grenades of various modifications, mortars caliber 82 mm, rarely of the caliber of 120 mm. However, in the evening militants fired two powerful shelling of positions of ATO forces, located near Trinity, from barreled artillery caliber of 122 mm, 120-mm mortars, tank guns and weapons, less power. Also yesterday, the militants once again fired at the houses of one of the frontline settlements on the arc Svetlodarsk.

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Destroyed houses and killed cattle: militants of anti-aircraft guns fired at the residential sector in novoluhans’ke

So, at about 18.30 hours, the enemy inflicted fire damage on the residential sector of the village of Novoluganskoe from anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2. As a result of the fire completely burned the wooden garden structure in the yard down the street Astronauts. On the street Michurina damaged two outbuildings, fence, roof of a house. And on the street Sergienko almost destroyed a barn and killed livestock. Fortunately, none of locals didn’t suffer.

On the Lugansk direction the enemy is most often used weapons against the Ukrainian defenders 32 times. Fixed there are more instances of the use of the Pro-Russian gangs and heavy artillery weapons. In particular, in the Crimean and Novtoshkovskoe fighters made several powerful attacks from the 120-mm mortars and heavy artillery systems of caliber 122 mm and 152 Under mortar attacks also were the soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces, which keep the defense near Novoaleksandrovka, Trekhizbenki, Popasnaya, Trinity, Katerinovka and Novozvanovka. Using light weapons, the militants resorted to provocations in the Donets and Luhansk.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the declared mode of silence near Avdeevka gave the opportunity to begin the repair of communications, damaged advanced fire fighters. However, one day to repair all failed. So, four days in the taps in the town was not water, but it came from the tanks and it was transported around the city. At Tuesday’s close, the line is repaired, but found another hole in the water, so the environment will still continue repairs.