The third day the “bread of truce.” Militants continue shelling APU

For the past day the terrorists in the Donbas 18 times opened fire on the offices of the Ukrainian troops.

This reports the press center of staff ATO.

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Military report about the high probability of a ground support action of the enemy in Luhansk

Coastal areas. The militants fired in the area of Water and Pavlopol.

The direction of Donetsk. The terrorists used weapons near Kamenka Town, Luhansk.

Lugansk direction. The militants fired at the Yellow, Popasnaya, Novotoshkovskoe, Happiness, Crimean, Novoaleksandrovka, Novozvanovka.

Losses among the Ukrainian soldiers was not.

Earlier in Minsk of the trilateral contact group, supported the appeal of local councils about the beginning of the “bread of truce” – a ceasefire in the harvest time from June 24.

Video settings SCCC warn about possible attacks against the civilian population in the East

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