An uneasy truce. Nine fire fighters were no casualties among the Ukrainian soldiers

For Saturday, July 1, in the area of ATO in the Donbas the militants nine times opened fire at positions of the Ukrainian army. There were no losses among Ukrainian soldiers.

It is stated by the press center of staff ATO.

“The operative situation in the ATO area remains tense, but during the day she is relatively stabilized. Units of Russian occupation troops continue to violate the truce, including applying and Minsk agreements prohibited weapons. Since the beginning of the day illegal armed groups 9 times fired at the fortifications of the Ukrainian defenders. Most enemy attacks were before the dawn”, – stated in the message.

Coastal areas. On this front, the most active militants used weapons in the Western suburbs of temporarily occupied Donetsk and to the Azov sea coast. So, in the morning militants from tanks, APCS and heavy machine guns fired Ukrainian strongholds near Krasnogorovka. A little later, under heavy shelling of 82-mm mortars were Ukrainian soldiers who hold the Fort in the center of the Water. And in the second half of the day the militants fired automatic easel grenade launchers for defenders of Shirokino.

Donetsk direction. Here, the fighters concentrated their fire activity on the arc Svetlodarsk. Before dawn several times, using mortars of different calibers, infantry fighting vehicles and rocket launchers, opened fire on strong points of forces of ATO in Lugansk region. In addition, in the morning from anti-tank grenade launchers and small arms of various calibres fired one of the strongholds of the Ukrainian Armed forces in the southern suburbs of Avdeevka.

Lugansk direction. In this area the line of the collision this afternoon the insurgents weapons are not used. However, still night fired low intensity of the artillery systems of caliber of 152 mm fortifications of the Ukrainian soldiers near the Crimean.

Meanwhile, there appeared information about the militants ‘ attempts to shift the front line to the East.