Counteroffensive, Ukraine: the Ukrainian military has beaten fighters with new positions near Yasinovataya

The Ukrainian military drove the militants from the so-called “gray zone” near the village of Kamenka yasinovatskiy district , Donetsk region. Frontline victory 72-th brigade won the life of one Ukrainian soldier dead and four wounded, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The enemy boldly seized the area – a narrow strip plantations near the village. This area is important, because a breakthrough could help the terrorists to reach the strategic route Kostiantynivka – Yasinovataya. But the Ukrainian military cleverly gave the enemy back and pushed him into the old position. The loss of the enemy in the battle for the territory amounted to 13 dead and 22 wounded.

Videotransit soldiers drove the militants from the “gray zone” near Kamenka

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:44

“Thanks to the skillful actions of our servicemen and competent in managing a staff brigade commander was pushed back enemy forces, and they retreated to their old position, that is a grey area was liberated from separatists”, – said the Deputy commander of the 72nd OMBR Samara Alexander.

As reported before, the militants occupied a “gray area” near the village of Kamenka, where residents are now in danger, as proved in the line of fire. Shoot the invaders began immediately with heavy caliber. On Saturday, the speaker of the press center of staff ATO Anton myronovych said that the ATO forces fully control the situation near the Heater.