The militants for two hours produced hundreds of large-caliber ammunition for military

The military showed the consequences of the terrible attack near the Heater, where the militants started shelling the extraordinary intensity of the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons.

About attack says the story of Military television, which extended to the headquarters of the ATO on his page in the social network.

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The Donetsk filtering station is de-energized again because of the attacks

The defenders of the Ukrainian positions near Kamyanka, Donetsk direction terrorists fired hundreds of large-caliber shells in two hours.

Under the furious rain of fire. The enemy is furious – more than a hundred 120-mm mortar in just a few hours terrorists fired at the defenders of the Ukrainian land in the area of the Heater, which in the direction of Donetsk. Crazy rain of fire crippled the earth, destroying trees, destroyed roads, but to break the spirit of our soldiers are unable. Ukrainian soldiers continue to firmly hold their positions and fight back crazy Pro-Russian bandits.

Published by the Press center of staff ATO 30 June 2017

“Two hours went more than a hundred shells of caliber 120 mm, 82 mm here already do not believe. Worked tank and cannon artillery. The intensity was impressive. We tried only by order and to respond adequately to the weapons that fit into the framework of the Minsk agreements”, – says the fighter from this position.