The prohibition of asbestos can lead to a rise in price in Ukraine of slate on a third

In Ukraine no longer permitted the production and use of all types of asbestos. So decided by the Ministry of health, which refers to data of the world health organization about the result of dust in the deaths of 100 thousand people per year, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The most famous material containing asbestos is plain gray slate. They blocked 95% of premises constructed before the late 1980-ies. This material covered the roof of residential premises, kindergartens, schools, administrative buildings, and even managed to wall the whole fences of asbestos-containing plates, which are now easy to find in Ukrainian villages.

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Lydia with her husband was built 35 years ago. None of them had no idea that asbestos is a potent carcinogen. Then it was more important word deficit. “At the same time wasn’t as beautiful as it is today: green, red this slate is or what it is. Then to buy it sometime”, they say.

Now the village all heard that asbestos is harmful to health, but to cover the house with modern material – need from 50 to 100 thousand hryvnias. “Now how do I get on the pension of 1300 UAH is I need to live 300 years to cover the house,” say the villagers.

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The Ministry of health initiated a new sanitary regulations that prohibit the use of asbestos in Ukraine. But about the disposal of your old slate it is not – the order does not require replacement, closing of the enterprise, does not mean that it is necessary to demolish the old house. The health Ministry claimed that just talking about the health hazards.

Slate and three thousand of products in Ukraine will not be able to produce. Now this involved 6 companies. The Ministry refers to the experience of the European Union – there is already 12 years old are prohibited to use asbestos. The world health organization estimates that asbestos dust causes fibrosis and lung cancer.

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Mr. Gleb working daily with asbestos. Months later he is doing chest x-rays and pass the medical examination. Losing a job does not want. “How many people work here – no one was sick. I don’t know,” he says.

Association of the enterprises of the industry assures that they do not use harmful asbestos, with whom he worked in Europe and the import of chrysotile asbestos from Russia and Kazakhstan. Its other properties, say the Industrialists, and research about the incidence from chrysotile asbestos do not exist. According to manufacturers, it is excreted from the human body in 15 days naturally.

Entrepreneurs are going to fight to the order of the health Department annulled. There are ready to go on a six-month delay of new rules to Industrialists pereorientirovanija on production without the use of asbestos. The technology is known, but the slate is 30% more expensive than asbestos.

As previously reported, Ukraine has banned the production and use of all types of asbestos. The decision adopted by the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

The TSN reporter Irina Markevich