Non-fiction story. And who is selling the building of the Union of artists of Ukraine

Art is more important than money, and romantic takes on the head – it’s not about the Union of artists of Ukraine, which operated billions. Here not only workshops and holiday homes, but also factories and plants in each regional center. TSN.Week today, July 2, will show a great investigation of art to get a piece.

Factory sculpture, two and a half acres in the heart of downtown. And sculpture is needed in less than precious earth.

Union of artists – the richest of the public organizations in Ukraine.

“Not millions, but billions remain property,” – say those in the know.

But overall for someone that means – draw.

As artists lose everything because of the building sell. As disappears in the air the property for huge sums. And those who asked too many questions, thrown out of the Union. This is quite a non-fiction story, the details of which see on 2 July at 19:30 in the program TSN.Week on the channel “1+1” and online on the website Dnia.

The video to grab a piece: TSN.Week conducted an investigation of the Union of artists of Ukraine

TSN. 19:30

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