In Groisman explained important nuances of the age pension reform

In Ukraine, employers will be obliged to provide jobs for people aged 45 years.

This was reported by Minister of social policy Andrei Reva in an interview with “Radio Liberty”.

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The government submitted to Parliament a package of laws on pension reform

Obligations are planned to impose on enterprises, which are at least 8 employees.

“As for guarantees to people, people close to retirement age, the law established the obligation of all employers who use hired labor, consisting of 8 employees and more, be sure to provide places for people aged 45 years,” said Reva.

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In turn, regarding the need for retirement 60 years of service, according to Reva, those who have not, will receive special state aid until such time until they start giving pension payments.

“I mean, who has 15 years of insurance experience, but not 25, they will apply to the bodies of social protection of the population, and they will be assigned to this assistance”, – said the Minister.

Roar said that the government will not renege on their commitments on social protection.

“She just believes that anyone who wants retirement, must have suitable insurance experience, he must be a member of the pension program. If he is not a member of the pension program, does not pay contributions for various reasons, then it should work the bodies of social protection of the population, they should not leave people without support, but this support needs to go it is not at the expense of means of the Pension Fund, it shall be at the expense of the state budget,” commented Reva.

As previously reported, the government announced the beginning of large-scale pension reform in Ukraine. Innovations need to remove the leveling. That is, the amount of the pension will depend on the length of service and earnings. And this is the main change. More on pension reform is available at →.

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