In the town restored the water supply after attacks

Water front Avdeevka , Donetsk region resumed. On 3 July, said the head of Donetsk military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi.

According to him, the Donetsk filter station failed to connect to electricity and run, it works normally.

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The military carried out a TSN on reclaimed from the militants positions near Avdeevka

“The water supply of the Town is fully restored. Replenished the supply of water in spare tanks”, – is spoken in the message.

Donetsk filtration station connected to the electricity and successfully launched. She currently works in a regular mode. …

Published Pavel Zhebrivsky July 3, 2017

Zhebrivskyi said that five repairmen it took 6 hours to restore damaged during the shelling electrosupport and power lines.

“The second of July in the morning received security guarantees – by the evening already have. Same thing with running: just today received confirmation of the regime of silence – connected electricity held start-naladochnye work and launched the station”, he added.

The head of the CAA says that the engineers who have inspected the premises of the workplace, found 28 explosive objects.

As previously reported, in the town during a lull held a prom. To say goodbye to school, children came without expensive dresses and bouffant hairstyles.

Video settings watch frontline lull in Avdeevka spent prom night

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