The walking dead. The media in Britain have removed a private burial in the grave

British bloggers, J. Swingler and Rommel Henry (or Duo “TGFBro”), built his coffin and dug the grave in his gardento 24 hours to bury myself alive.

The video the guys posted on their own YouTube channel.

The Duo of Dudley in the County of West Midlands led the live broadcast of the experiment, and at least 8 000 people watched it online.

The guys got locked in a coffin and threw the earth at 20.00 on Thursday evening local time. They are actively fasted in Instagram and Twitter their impressions.



— Romell Henry (@RomellHenryTgf) 28 Jun 2017

Rommel, for example, wrote in the social network: “My right cheek is starting to shrink”, thus hinting at his excitement before the experiment. It should be noted that such actions are very dangerous and it is not necessary to repeat them at home.


My right butt cheek is starting to cramp

— Romell Henry (@RomellHenryTgf) 29 June 2017.

After a day spent in a coffin, you guys didn’t hold back from emotions.

couldn’t have done it with out you guys

Thank you….. ❤ it’s amazing

— Romell Henry (@RomellHenryTgf) on 30 June 2017.

The culprit known in the United Kingdom with their crazy antics. In one of the experiments, they were immersed in a bath filled with 90 liters of chili sauce in the other – swallow spicy sausages, while not chewing them, and also tried to drink a bottle of water in 1 second.

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