In Kyiv raises tariffs for hot water

The national Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilitieshave increased the tariff for centralized hot water supply for “Kyivenergo” by 1.6% and reduced the heating rate of 0.2%.

Appropriate resolutions of the Board adopted at a regular meeting, UNIAN reports.

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The new tariffs will enter into force on the day following the date of publication of the resolution in the official newspaper “Uriadovyi Kurier”.

In particular, the tariffs for “Kyivenergo” for the service of the centralized supply of hot water is set at 84,45 UAH per cu. m with heated towel rail and 78,08 UAH per cubic meters without towel rail.

Service tariffs for the centralized supply of hot water for the needs of the companies operating apartment houses, installed 67.8 UAH per cu. m with heated towel rail and 62,68 UAH per cu. m no of towel. In addition, the Commission found for “Kyivenergo” service tariffs for Central heating for consumers in the presence of an apartment or house meter – level 1414,45 UAH/Gcal and 32,91 UAH per square meter of heated area per month for subscribers of houses without house and apartment meters. All rates are including VAT.

Videojournalist TSN.Tyzhden investigated the rate on the rent and explained that encrypted in the payment

TSN. Week

June 25, 21:50

Earlier it was reported that in July the people of Kiev will begin twice more to pay for the maintenance of adjoining areas. The rent for one square meter of residential space will total of 6.43 UAH. For example, the owner of the apartment is 70 square meters will have to pay for the maintenance of the local area is 210 UAH 450 UAH. The rate includes maintenance of elevators, costs of waste disposal, cleaning and the like.